Valuation and Business Modelling (V&BM)

At Andersen Egypt, Our Valuations team advise our clients on matters related to transactions to help them make informed decisions. Also, our business modelling team help our clients carry out model review, model support and model-build activities that are needed to make key decisions and improve strategic outcomes. The Valuations and Business Modelling at Andersen Egypt includes the following service offering:

  • – Advising on the price or fair value of businesses for M&A purposes.
    – Conducting valuations for tax purposes including capital gain tax.
    – Conducting damage assessment and quantification for litigation and international arbitration purposes.
    – Performing valuations for financial reporting purposes including impairment tests and fair value assessments.
    – Conducting valuations of intangible assets including Purchase Price Allocations (PPA).
    – Provide modeling support for strategic decisions, mergers and acquisitions, project finance, private equity deals, pricing and bid evaluation, and restructuring.